Wedding Decor


When your guests arrive at your wedding, it is very important that you greet them properly in a warm and friendly environment. Many of your wedding guests will have traveled quite a long distance to be with you on your special day, so making sure they enter to a lovely environment is the least you can do. Depending on where you have your wedding and what your theme happens to be, there are several great ways you can welcome your guests in style. Though the size of your wedding budget may play a role in the end, you can use some creativity to keep things inexpensive and still have tremendous results that your guests will adore. Here are some of my favorite ideas. Doorman Though it may seem a little silly, doing something as simple and inexpensive as hiring a doorman can really set the tone for your wedding. As guests approach the front doors of your wedding venue, having a well-dressed gentlemen greet them and hold the door can a touch of charm and elegance that will make the guests feel important and welcomed to your event. On top of that, it can be a very nice gesture to your older members of the family that may have trouble getting the door for themselves. Wedding Favors Offering your guests wedding favors is probably the most traditional way to give your guests a gift, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be appreciated. Typically, couples will choose to give their guests something useful to the event such as packages of wedding sparklers or small bottles of bubbles to blow, but other times they may choose to give out keepsakes like candle holders with their wedding date inscribed. Whatever your preference happens to be, your guests are sure to love whatever gift you give them at your wedding and know that you appreciate them coming. Gift Baskets Gift baskets are pretty much the ultimate gift you can give your wedding guests. It is not too different from giving your guests wedding favors except that you give them a variety of items in a decorative gift basket that they can take home. Usually, couples will put a mix of items into their wedding gift baskets that are appropriate for both genders. For instance, they would add items such as bubble bath and body lotions that are typically popular with women, as well as coffee or hot chocolate mix that will excite the men. There are many companies out there that have premade wedding gift baskets that you can buy and give to your guests, or you can take the time to put them together yourself. You can save a bit of money by putting them together yourself, but it is much easier to just pay for them assembled and focus on other elements of the wedding Whether you buy wedding favors for your guests or just provide upscale services like hiring a doorman, it doesn’t really take much for your guests to feel appreciated. Even if it costs you a little time or money to go the extra mile, it will all be worth it when you see the smiling faces of your friends and family as you say your vows and begin your lives together as a married couple.