With so many couples choosing to use sparklers at their wedding, there are an increasing number of people wondering how to quickly and efficiently get them all lit. Since most sparklers only burn for a short period of time, the last thing you want to do is have a large percentage of your sparklers burning out before you get to use them the way you wanted to. This is particularly true when you are having a large wedding because there will be a lot of sparklers to get lit in a relatively short period of time. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the job fast and easy so everyone can get their sparklers lit in time. It is worth noting that spending a little extra money to buy longer wedding sparklers is always a good choice because they will give you the most time to light the sparklers, get people into position, and then you them as you see fit. I usually recommend buying 36 inch wedding sparklers for this reason, but as long as you buy 20 inch wedding sparklers or longer you shouldn’t have any trouble. Here are 5 ways to quickly light wedding sparklers in a safe manner. Lighters When you think about lighting sparklers, the very first thing you probably think of is a lighter. The best type of lighter to use for this purpose is a barbeque lighters because they are easy to light and hand to other people. The downside with using a lighter to light your wedding sparklers is that you’ll need a lot of them to keep it from being too time consuming and that can be quite expensive. Matches Matches are another popular idea because they are very inexpensive so you can give a box to each guest. You can even have your match boxes customized to have your names and wedding date printed on them which add a very elegant touch to the event. The downside is that each person will be in charge of lighting their own sparkler and if they don’t know what they’re doing it can create a huge delay. Candles Candles are a great choice because people can just walk up to them, stick the tip of their sparkler into the flame, and then get into position rather quickly. The main problem with using a candle to light your wedding sparklers is that the flame is generally pretty small so people will need to take turns or you’ll need to have a lot of candles burning. Blowtorch Similar to using a candle, a blowtorch is a great way to light sparklers that doesn’t require each person doing it individually. The benefit with using a blowtorch is that the flame is very large so more than one person at a time can light their wedding sparklers, but the downside is that they are a little cumbersome to handle and can be quite dangerous if used improperly. Other Sparklers By far the best way to light a large amount of wedding sparklers in a short period of time is to use another sparkler as an ignition tool. If you get the tip of an unlit sparkler close to a burning sparkler, it will light almost instantly. Also, you can light several sparklers at a time using this method, so it is very quick to do. Your best bet is to have a few designated guests light a sparkler specifically for this purpose and form groups to light their bigger sparklers at the same time.